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New for extreme deep hole drilling

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Core Tip:The Walter Titex XD70 (the XD designation stands for “extremely deep”) can produce holes up to a remarkable 70x

New for extreme deep hole drillingThe Walter Titex XD70 (the XD designation stands for “extremely deep”) can produce holes up to a remarkable 70xD in one operation, and does not require pecking. Previous XD technology product offerings topped out at 30xD.
Along with its design, manufacturing innovations have contributed to the 70xD’s increase in performance. Walter is using a new method of producing solid carbide blanks, making it possible to efficiently manufacture this type of long solid carbide drill. In addition, a special grinding process is also employed.
As is the case with all XD drills, cooling for the XD70 is provided via internal coolant channels. However, despite the great drilling depth, no special coolant equipment, such as an external high-pressure system, is required. A standard cooling unit, such as those available with any machining center, is sufficient.
The XD70 technology is currently being offered as a special tool, in diameters ranging from 5 to 12 mm. Two tip coatings are available depending on the workpiece material: TTP for steels and XPL for cast iron.
Walter USA, LLC offers an extensive line up of cutting tools for milling, drilling, turning, boring and specialized tooling for unique applications through its competence brands Walter Valenite, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp. As well as multi-level service programs through its Walter Multiply brand.

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