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New end mills offer reliability, efficiency and long tool life

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Core Tip:Emuge Corp. offers TiNox-Cut, a new series of end mills specifically developed to provide exceptional tool life

New end mills offer reliability, efficiency and long tool lifeEmuge Corp. offers TiNox-Cut, a new series of end mills specifically developed to provide exceptional tool life when machining challenging materials. New Emuge TiNox-Cut End Mills offer a dependable cutting solution for nickel alloys like Inconel and Stellite, all grades of titanium, and tough stainless steels like Super Duplex materials used extensively in the aerospace, power generation, medical, chemical and food industries, among others.

“The demand for parts and components machined from these materials is on the rise, but the same special properties, like high heat, chemical and abrasion resistance, that make these materials desirable for use in extreme-service applications, also make them difficult to machine,” said Mr. Stephen Jean, Milling Products Manager, Emuge Corp. “Typically, these materials burn up cutting tools. Now, with TiNox-Cut End Mills, Emuge has something to combat this.”

The new TiNox-Cut End Mills feature a high heat-resistant, lubricious coating and an optimized cutting edge design. This provides long tool life by minimizing friction and efficiently evacuating chips, which is especially important in tough, long-chipping materials. In addition, the tools are made from an extra-tough carbide grade to maximize wear resistance.

For maximum effective cutting lengths, TiNox-Cut End Mills feature reduced neck diameters. Offering superior machining repeatability and safety, the new end mills combine a tight, h5 shank tolerance with a specially roughened surface finish to maximize tool holder clamping potential.

The TiNox-Cut End Mills are well suited for both roughing and finishing operations. The tools consist of three designs: two 4-flute variations for both roughing and finishing, and a 5-flute extra long finishing tool.

TiNox-Cut roughing / finishing end mills are available with flat ends or with a selecion of corner radii. For even more efficient chip evacuation, TiNox 4-flute end mills are available with internal coolant / lubricant capability. The roughing / finishing versions are available with a serrated profile for effective chip breaking during roughing operations.

The 5-flute TiNox-Cut finishing end mills are also available with various corner radii, and feature length-to-cutting diameter ratios of 3 times D and 4 times D. The 5-flute design offers added stability and minimal deflection in long reach applications.

Emuge TiNox-Cut End Mills range in diameter from 6mm – 20mm, depending on the design.

Emuge Corp. is a subsidiary of German company Emuge-Werk Richard Glimpel KG. The company manufactures an extensive line of taps, end mills, thread mills, holders and attachments, over 100,000 items sold through distributors worldwide. Emuge also offers end-user technical support through a network of in-the-field engineers with extensive tooling experience.

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