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WALTER carbide cutting inserts

brand: WALTER
Material: Carbide
Dimension Type: Metric
Drill Point: 140 Degrees
price: 面议
minimum: 10 pcs
Total supply: 40300 pcs
Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers 1 Deliver within days
seat: Americas United States
Validity to: Long-term effective
Last update: 2015-04-09 13:31
Browse the number: 1245
Company Profile
Product details

Our carbide inserts:
1. Reliable quality and reasonable price. 
2. Long service life and high wear resistance. 
3. Excellent edge strength.

Packaging & Shipping



1. Soft foam to prevent the surface being scratched in one small carboard boxes, several small boxes in one larger hard carboard with fills to avoid a slope, besides hard carboard is easy to load and transport.

2. We can also arrange packaging according to your special requirements or discuss.





There are three ways to be choose, as follows:

1. International Express: UPS,TNT,DHL.

2. Port transportation: all ports.

3. We delivery products according to customer’s requirements and paid by buyer after the destination /confirm/iation.

4. Take insurance for the goods according to contract.


Our Services

 1.we have cutting, turning, drilling, milling and threading inserts of various brands.

2.accept all kinds of delivery and payment terms. will get 5% or more discount for larger order.

4. Reply and quote in time, we can’t make you waiting.

5.Professional technology and quotation, we will serve you the best price.

6.Meet any requirements and solve all your questions.


Company Information

Jinan Terry CNC Tool Limited Company is an outstanding comprehensive China agent for imported CNC cutting tools. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "Honesty, trustworthiness, new, fast, excellent and inexpensive" and the service tenet of "Buy the rest assured that with reality, to supply the imported world famous CNC tools for mechanical processing enterprises. The company is mainly engaged in a range of turning, milling, small aperture bore knife, knife plate system, thread machining, and boring system. We have world famous tool technical experts with many years of experience in senior tool engine, so we can well provide technical support for end customers. 

Professional agent of the following brand: 


Other photos of carbide inserts tools:








   Any questions, you can contact me:                  

   Vincent Gong                                                    

   Skype: gyy1024                                                 

   Mob: +86-158 6450 1258                                  

   Tel: +86-531-88635256                                    




Some models of WALTER:


CCGT09T308-PF2 WSM20

CCGT09T308-PF2 WXN10

CCGT09T308-PM2 WK1

CCGT09T308-PM2 WXN10

CCGT120402-PM2 WK1

CCGT120402-PM2 WXN10

CCGT120404-PM2 WK1

CCGT120404-PM2 WXN10

CCGT120408-PM2 WK1

CCGT120408-PM2 WXN10

CCGX060202 WK1

CCGX060204 WK1

CCMT060202-E47 WPP20

CCMT060202-E47 WSM20

CCMT060202-E47 WSM30

CCMT060202-PF4 WAM20

CCMT060202-PF4 WPP01

CCMT060202-PF4 WPP20

CCMT060202-PF4 WPP10

CCMT060202-PF4 WSM20

CCMT060202-PF4 WSM30

CCMT060202-PF4 WSM10

CCMT060204 WAP20

CCMT060204 WAP30

CCMT060204 WK1

CCMT060204-E47 WPP20

CCMT060204-E47 WSM20

CCMT060204-E47 WSM30

CCMT060204-P55 WAM20

CCMT060204-P55 WAM30

CCMT060204-P55 WSM30

CCMT060204-PF WAM20

CCMT060204-PF WPP01

CCMT060204-PF WPP20

CCMT060204-PF WPP10

CCMT060204-PF WSM20

CCMT060204-PF WSM30

CCMT060204-PF4 WAM20

CCMT060204-PF4 WAM30

CCMT060204-PF4 WPP01

CCMT060204-PF4 WPP20

CCMT060204-PF4 WPP10

CCMT060204-PF4 WSM20

CCMT060204-PF4 WSM30

CCMT060204-PF4 WSM10

CCMT060204-PM5 WAK20

CCMT060204-PM5 WAK30

CCMT060204-PM5 WAK10

CCMT060204-PM5 WAM20

CCMT060204-PM5 WAM30

CCMT060204-PM5 WAP20

CCMT060204-PM5 WAP30

CCMT060204-PM5 WAP10

CCMT060204-PM5 WPP20

CCMT060204-PM5 WPP30

CCMT060204-PM5 WPP10

CCMT060204-PM5 WSM20

CCMT060204-PM5 WSM30

CCMT060204-PM5 WSM10

CCMT060204-PS5 WAK20

CCMT060204-PS5 WAK10

CCMT060204-PS5 WAP20

CCMT060204-PS5 WPP20

CCMT060204-PS5 WPP10

CCMT060204-PS5 WSM20

CCMT060208-P55 WPP20

CCMT060208-PF WPP01

CCMT060208-PF WPP20

CCMT060208-PF WPP10

CCMT060208-PF WSM20

CCMT060208-PF WSM30

CCMT060208-PF4 WAM20

CCMT060208-PF4 WPP01

CCMT060208-PF4 WPP20

CCMT060208-PF4 WPP10

CCMT060208-PF4 WSM20

CCMT060208-PF4 WSM30

CCMT060208-PF4 WSM10

CCMT060208-PM5 WAK20

CCMT060208-PM5 WAK30

CCMT060208-PM5 WAK10

CCMT060208-PM5 WAM20

CCMT060208-PM5 WAM30

CCMT060208-PM5 WAP20

CCMT060208-PM5 WAP30

CCMT060208-PM5 WPP20

CCMT060208-PM5 WPP30

CCMT060208-PM5 WPP10

CCMT060208-PM5 WSM20

CCMT060208-PM5 WSM30

CCMT060208-PM5 WSM10

CCMT060208-PS5 WAK20

CCMT060208-PS5 WAK10

CCMT060208-PS5 WAM20

CCMT060208-PS5 WAM30

CCMT060208-PS5 WPP10

CCMT060208-PS5 WSM20

CCMT060208-PS5 WSM30

CCMT090304 WAP20

CCMT090304 WAP30

CCMT090308 WAP20

CCMT09T302-E47 WPP20

CCMT09T302-E47 WSM20

CCMT09T302-E47 WSM30

CCMT09T302-PF4 WAM20

CCMT09T302-PF4 WAM30

CCMT09T302-PF4 WAP01

CCMT09T302-PF4 WPP01

CCMT09T302-PF4 WPP20

CCMT09T302-PF4 WPP10

CCMT09T302-PF4 WSM20

CCMT09T302-PF4 WSM30

CCMT09T302-PF4 WSM10

CCMT09T304 WAP20

CCMT09T304 WAP30

CCMT09T304-E47 WPP20

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